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Diabetes IQ Test

Test Your Diabetes Knowledge!

1. Which breakfast would be a better option for optimal blood sugar control?

A. Scrambled Eggs with 1 Slice of Toast

B. Cereal with Skim Milk & Banana

What is your answer for Question 1?

A. Scrambled eggs with toast
B. Cereal with skim milk and banana

2. What is the optimal range for blood glucose level prior to breakfast (fasting)?

A.  100-150
B.  60-99
C.  70-110
D.  120-180

3. If you watch your diet, exercise and control your blood sugar, diabetes will eventually clear up and go away?

A. True
B. False

4. What is the number one chronic complication of diabetes?

A. Heart disease
B. Retinopathy
C. Kidney disease
D. None of the above

5. When determining how a particular food will affect your blood sugar, what is the most important aspect to consider?

A. Sugar content
B. Portion size
C. Carbohydrate content
D. Pre-meal blood sugar

6. Diabetes usually happens when your body……

A. It is unable to use the food that you eat properly
B. Makes plenty of insulin, but your cells have problems at the receptor sites and insulin cannot do it’s job
C. Does not make enough insulin and your blood sugar level increases
D. All of the above

7. The hemoglobin (HbA1c) test reflects your blood sugar control over the past…

A. Day
B. 2 weeks
C. 3 months
D. 6 months
E. 12 months

8. Illness tends to cause blood sugars to:

A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Stay the same

9. Exercise generally makes your blood sugar…

A. Increase
B. Decrease
C. Stay the same

10. Which is the best source of protein?

A. Cheese omelet
B. Fruit salad
C. BLT sandwich
D. Bagel with cream cheese

Check your answers to see how you did!

If you are curious to these answers and more diabetes facts make sure to schedule an appointment for our healthy living with Diabetes 1-2-3 program & boost your diabetes knowledge today! If you score less than 80%, please sign up for class here.


Healthy Living with Diabetes 1-2-3 Program Survey


On a scale from 1 to 5, please rate importance of these issues below:
  • 1 – Not Interested
  • 2 – Slightly Interested
  • 3 – Fairly Interested
  • 4 – Interested
  • 5 – Very Interested


Question 1: Are you interested in learning how to reduce the amount of blood sugar testing done during the day, while still maintaining optimal blood sugar levels?

                               1        2        3        4        5

Question 2: Are you interested in learning the best foods to choose in order to achieve great blood sugar control?

                               1        2        3        4        5

Question 3: Would you like to learn how to effectively manage blood sugar control without increasing medication doses?

                               1        2        3        4        5

Question 4: Would you be willing to learn about scientifically proven ways to help reduce weight in order to help reduce blood sugar levels?

                               1        2        3        4        5

Question 5: Are you interested in understanding the most effective way to take your medications to minimize blood sugar spikes?

                               1        2        3        4        5


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