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1 2 3 Program

Losing weight and managing diabetes at the same time is a challenge. Success depends on having the skills, knowledge, and support to achieve both goals. Some diabetes drugs can cause weight gain and other medications can make you prone to hypoglycemia. Hospital-based diabetes education programs skim over weight management. Most commercial diet programs lack the expertise to deal with the complexities and dangers of managing diabetes and weight loss. Our program addresses these issues head on.The curriculum at the PBDES Diabetes Center sets it apart from the generic advice and diets offered in these standardized courses. Our educational specialists tailor treatment regimens to the individual, not to the masses. ADA diets are expanded to include carbohydrate counting, providing patients with food choices that are realistic and flexible. Dietary plans are based on the patient’s history and anticipated future eating patterns, as well as individualized reactions to specific food sources. Pragmatic approaches, goals, and expectations are uniquely established, and offer practical methods aimed at controlling the disease versus theoretical axioms, which may or may not work.Using the expertise of specially-trained physicians, diabetes and endocrinology specialists West Palm Beach, nutritionists, and certified diabetes educators, Living Well with Diabetes 1-2-3 PROGRAM is a three-step workshop that not only teaches you about your diabetes and how to gain control of your glucose, but also helps you safely and effectively manage your weight.

Three Steps To A Healthier You


Step #1
Assessment and Preparation

In three separate sessions, you will meet with a physician, a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a Registered Dietician (RD).  They will evaluate how you manage your diabetes and check for medications that promote weight gain or raise the risk of hypoglycemia.  When appropriate, they will change your treatment plan to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and promote weight loss.

Meet with your Physician

Your diabetes and endocrinology specialists Palm Beach will discuss an individualized plan of action to control your diabetes and manage your weight.  This may include medication changes, advice on monitoring your sugars and the use of advanced technology to assess your current condition.

Meet with a Certified Diabetes Educator

You will meet with a CDE to evaluate how you manage your diabetes, and check for medications that weight gain or raise the risk of hypoglycemia. When appropriate, changes to your treatment plan will be recommended to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia and promote weight loss.

  • Review your medications for risks of weight gain or hypoglycemia
  • Learn proper ways to treat high and low blood glucose levels
  • Become skilled at monitoring blood glucose levels like an expert
  • Receive education on how to prevent the complications of diabetes


Meet with a Registered Dietician

You will meet with a registered dietitian (RD) to evaluate your current eating plan and make modifications to help balance blood glucose levels.

  • Create a custom individualized meal plan
  • Counseling on appropriate carbohydrate amounts for meals
  • Education on the best foods to choose for optimal blood glucose control
  • Review total calorie amounts needed for weight management


Step #2
Attend 1-2-3 Diabetes Workshop

Our core diabetes program in now enriched with tools for weight management such as “mindful eating,” an effective approach being used at the finest institutions in the country.  This workshop is offered either in one eight-hour day or two four-hour sessions.

Upon completing Step #2, you will understand:

  • The tools, tips and techniques you can use to easily control your diabetes
  • The early complications of diabetes
  • How to manage diabetes when ill
  • How to recognize symptoms of diabetic emergencies
  • The science of how different types of food affect your body
  • The science of exercise, and how you can use it to manage your diabetes
  • How to deal with the effects of stress and emotions on diabetes and weight control and practice the concepts of mindful eating
  • How to use mindful eating to improve your blood sugar control and safely lose weight

Step #3
Maintenance and Additional Resources

This step provides aftercare support to help you continue to use the new skills and information you have learned in the program.

It is important that you maintain your progress and realize that you are not alone

The Living Well with Diabetes 1-2-3 Program offers additional resources that we hope you will use to your advantage:

General Refresher Workshop:  A 2 hour interactive motivational group discussion designed to refresh you diabetes knowledge.  There will be a review of blood glucose monitoring, strategies to treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, exercise and weight loss.

Healthy Meal Planning Refresher Workshop:  A 2 hour interactive workshop that includes planning healthy meals and snacks, what to buy when grocery shopping, foods to avoid, dining out, and healthy alternatives to cooking. Patients will receive a recipe booklet including carbohydrate counting guides and snack lists.  A healthy snack will be prepared and provided for patients to try!